Buy SOY Money to keep us going

Please help us keep afloat by purchasing SOY Money

It seems like we are in a long quarantine- number of days they are telling us that we have to keep it this way is lengthening by day. Since we were ordered to shut down mid-March by the State, we've had no on-premise business and limited hours for take-out. We've had less business for even weeks prior. It would greatly help us to stay afloat if you could purchase SOY Money for the time being. I know so many millions of others are in the same boat, but if you care and if you can, consider buying this SOY Money. It's basically a Gift Certificate that can be redeemed anytime in the future. It will not expire, and you can give it to anyone to use at our restaurant, which would also help spread joy of SOY! (Did I tell you that my name Etsko translates to Joy?) You can purchase through Paypal Add To Cart button below, or better yet, just send us a check so we can save on credit card processing fees (it seriously adds up in today's economy!) Send a payment in any denomination of $25 and I will send you the money. Thank you so much for your support!

Send your check to:
SOY Rosendale
PO Box 312
Rosendale, NY 12472