Mizuna Ohitashi $7

Steamed mizuna with ponzu and bonito flakes

Potato & Shrimp Salad $8

Grilled Shishito Peppers $8

Shishito peppers and mushrooms with ginger sauce and bonito flakes

Eel bowl with mizuna rice $15


Edamame $5

Steamed green vegetable soybeans in pods VG

Hiya Yakko $7

Chilled silken tofu with red pickled ginger, bonito (fish) flakes, and nori seaweed

Curry Fries $7

Fries served with vegetarian curry dipping sauce

Pork Gyoza $9

Home made dumplings with pork, garlic chives and napa 5pcs

Veggie Gyoza $9

Home made dumplings with vegetables 5pcs

Homemade Pickles $4

Assortment of nuka-zuke probiotic pickles VG

Edamame & Cheese Rolls $8

Takoyaki $9

Savory dough balls with octopus inside 5pcs


Today’s Miso Soup $5

with zucchini & kale


Market Salad $10

Mixed green salad with tomato, cucumber, onion, and pepper served with our signature ginger dressing VG

Hijiki $8

Tiny power-packed black seaweed with tofu, carrots and shiitake mushrooms


Niku Jaga $14

Ultimate Japanese mama’s dish! Thin sliced beef cooked with potatoes, carrots, and onions

Spicy Tuna & Avocado Bowl $13

Home style sushi bowl with raw spicy tuna & avocado slices over rice

Monk Bowl $12

Vegan bowl of chopped greens, tofu, pickles, & seaweed over rice VG

Treasure Sack $14

Tofu pouches filled with tofu, hijiki, and edamame, served with side greens

Today's Bento Box

Ask server about today’s Bento Box $25

with ginger pork, shiso cabbage salad, fried shrimp shumai, green salad, rice, and homemade pickles


Ice Cream $6

Vanilla or Green Tea

Mochi Ice Cream $6

Chocolate, Black Sesame, Green Tea or Mango

Green Tea Cheesecake $7

Homemade cheesecake with rich green tea layer

Chocolate chip walnut cookie $1.25

Sake and Shochu List


Niigata, Japan


Nagano, Japan

Ninki Ichi

Fukushima, Japan


Yamaguchi, Japan


Niigata, Japan


Saga, Japan


Kochi, Japan

Take no Tsuyu

Yamagata, Japan

Kubota Senju

Niigata, Japan


Ishikawa, Japan