Today’s special

Pork Miso Stew 10
Lily buds, burdock and fishcakes 8
Curry Rice with Yucca & Adzuki bean Croquette 16

Bento box:
Chicken katsu, radish salad,
treasure sack, green salad,
rice, homemade pickles
all these for $28. the best value!


Edamame $6

Steamed green vegetable soybeans in pods VG

Hijiki $9

Tiny black power-packed seaweed with tofu, carrots and shiitake mushrooms

Hiya Yakko $8

Silken tofu with red pickled ginger, bonito (fish) flakes, and nori seaweed

Curry Fries  $8

Fries served with vegetarian curry  sauce

Pork Gyoza $10

Home made dumplings with pork, garlic chives, and napa   5pcs

Veggie Gyoza $10

Home made dumplings with vegetables 5pcs

Takoyaki $10

Dough balls with octopus 5pcs

Edamame & Cheese Rolls $10

Edamame and fontina cheese in crispy spring roll wrapper 3pcs

Homemade Pickles $5

Assortment of “nuka-zuke” probiotic pickles VG


Today’s Miso Soup  $5 Lg  $3 Sm


Market Salad  $10

Mixed green salad with tomato, cucumber, onion, and pepper served with our
signature ginger dressing VG

Add-ons $1 each: tofu, avocado, wakame seaweed
Add Spicy Tuna +$5



Today’s Bento Box  $28

changes daily
Add small soup +$3


Niku Jaga  $15

Ultimate Japanese mama’s dish!  Thin sliced beef cooked with potatoes,
carrots, and onions

Dinner set—side rice and small soup or salad +$4

Tofu Steak $15

Pan fried tofu with tangy mushroom sauce, served with salad greens

Dinner set—side rice and small soup +$4

Monk Bowl $14

Vegan rice bowl with mixed greens, soft tofu, pickles, & seaweed salad  VG

Spicy Tuna & Avocado Bowl  $14

Home style sushi bowl with raw spicy tuna & avocado slices over rice

Add-ons: 35¢ each: tempura flakes, kimchee, pickled ginger
Add small soup or salad +$3


Ice Cream  $6

Vanilla or Green Tea

Add red bean paste +$1

Mochi Ice Cream  2 for $5

Chocolate, Green Tea, Black Sesame, Strawberry or Mango/ Pick two flavors

Green Tea Cheesecake $7

Homemade cheesecake with rich green tea layer