SOY Rosendale

Japanese home cooking

We were a tiny Japanese home cooking restaurant
in the Lower East Side.
Now happily relocated here
in this beautiful tiny town.
Please enjoy our food, our garden,
and our time together

Open 31st New Year's Eve 5pm-12am

"The Matrix" Marathon! starts at 5:30pm

New Year's Eve The Matrix Marathon

New Cooking Class Series is up!!

Sign up on our cooking class page

Next CLUB/DRAW Rosendale is Thursday February 6th!

Club/Draw Session #8

Saturday Night Movie at SOY- December is Cat movies month for my Pepper trying to recover!

GoFundMe-Pepper Fund
Thank you for your support and please share!


Sat 12/14 at 8pm
2016 by Ceyda Torun
-Experience daily life in the eyes of a cat in Istanbul, where hundreds of thousands of felines roam the streets freely. Many citizens of the Turkish metropolis regard themselves as guardians of these cats, which exist between the tame and the wild.

SOY Rosendale is normally open

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