SOY Rosendale

Japanese home cooking

Warning: Slow Food (not always)

We are a personal restaurant in a big box. Due to a chronic staff shortage, our serving capacity is limited. But I pay a personal attention to the food I serve, and if I can be on the floor personally, I enjoy it very much. It's such a reward to meet my guests and receive compliments. So things can get slow. Thank you for your patience and enjoy my garden.
Also, please call head (845-658-2539) for table availability since we cannot accomodate every walk-in. Reservation is required for party of 5 or more.

Japanese Grocery Items Available

Some of the items are not on the shelf but in the refrigerator/freezer. Also if you are looking for something we don't carry please let me know.
List is Here - PDF Or you can download this Excel sheet for ordering.

Outdoor and Indoor Table Service OPEN!!

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